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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Here simple

This prin tsip includes two equivalent components necessary support and opportunity for the child to achieve success independently.Parents and other adults working with children make two types of mistakes.They give to the child or excessive support he achieves success, but is not capable to carry out a task independently, or nedostatoch ny the child does not cope with a task and the neza does not learn to work visimo.Here simple example.When children learn to open independently door, we do not do it for them, but always nearby to help if re benka it will not work well.

Make up a story

CHANGEABLE NASTROENIE Carefully review the pictures is the representation of the different States che of rights.To call the mood, which is reflected in each figure happiness, sadness, edible tion, fear.Make up a story that would have made you such a state.In detail to tell this story.Difficulty LEVEL MY TOYS Spread out on the carpet toys.Using the scheme of description, to make about each IG the toy detailed story.THE COLOR OF THE FORM OF VALUE MATERIAL PART OF THE ACTION WITH A TOY The first publication schemes T.

But suddenly

And now it's time to return Xia to grandma and Papa and me fly.Goodbye, my love Sonny.Good bye, Mammy, said KVA SIM and sad went home.But suddenly naughty wind knocked the frog with feet and re returned back.KVA SIM happened to look up at the sky and saw, as from behind a cloud him smiling mother angel.The frog smiled at her, quickly jumped on foot and happy jumped to his grandmother and father.He felt the pain the big secret that only he knew and Mama angel.The case Maximkas was my first and, unfortunately, not recent experience with children who lost their parents.

Try to count, how many

To the contrary, relatives by the size, but a different form.Turn a vnim scientific research institute of the child that water can take any form and quantity waters does not depend on a capacity form.Try to count, how many small glasses will be located in a big bottle for filling of a bottle use crows ku, doing on it marks by a marker, having poured each following portion.And if then to pour out back in glasses?Will be whether all of them are filled?Or water in a bottle remains?


It is considered that XE there corresponds the slice of black bread weighing g that makes g acquired carbohydrates.Approximately HE can be replaced the products containing easily carbohydrates.For one main reception it is not recommended to eat more than HE, for days more than HE.How many HE is necessary for your child, it is easy to calculate, having divided into the th amount of carbohydrates necessary for the child of this age.Calculation of amount of carbohydrates in food of patients with diabetes piece of bread XE HE grain unit a highcalorie equivalent, equal to the content of carbohydrates in a slice of black bread weighing g; tablespoons of any grain XE; glass of milk XE; potato XE; g of apples, oranges, pears XE; glasses of apple juice XE.

Snake crawling. Green

To fry the chopped

Small to cut, fill in a nettle with egg.To pour out on a frying pan and to fry.At to giving to water with vegetable oil.Omelet with a sorrel Sorrel g, melted butter g, onions g, egg piece, greens, salt to taste.To lay out a sorrel in the boiling added some salt water, to cook minutes.To cast away on colander then to boil.To fry the chopped onions in butter.To put the chopped sorrel, the browned onions, the cut greens on and to fill in a frying pan with vegetable oil with egg, to mix, fry minutes.

Make some

Sit down together with the child and make the list of that it is necessary to make in the morning before leaving in school or at the beginning of day for kids.Together define an order of performance of actions.Turn the turnedout list into a test leaf in tab..samples are given; you can use them in finished form or mo to difitsirovat, having entered the tasks.Make some copies and hang up them on a board.Discuss with the child as will pass all stages beginning from awakening.

P R e d o s t and l I th t h e R e b e n C y o C m o W n o t e s s C o R a You will

HOUSEHOLD SKILLS user after the game results in a room in the order; user sticks plug into the outlet; user knows the purpose of vacuum mixer.P R e d o s t and l I th t h e R e b e n C y o C m o W n o t e s s C o R a You will be drinking tea or milk?You Self successful steps lead to the first independent conclusions, and the open method of action will be applied in similar circumstances.Keep in mind that children may have their own views on the procedure.

The eggs cooked

Eggs can cause allergic reaction in some children.Therefore they need to be given with care to the children inclined to an allergy.Does not follow to give to children it is more than one egg in day.Eggs, the welded softboiled To lower egg in cold water and gradually to bring water to boiling.To take out, as soon as water begins to boil.The eggs cooked in a sack To lower egg in the boiling water, gradually to bring water to boiling and to cook , minutes.Quickly to rinse cold water.

Soup meat

spoons, water glasses, greens to taste.Rice to touch, wash out, cook to readiness.The grated carrots to extinguish minutes with tomatoes, to lower in soup, to bring to boiling, to remove with fire to strew with greens.Soup meat Meat boiled g, onions pieces, carrots pieces, a flour h.spoon, water glasses.Vegetables to clear, cut and boil to softness.To pass meat through the meat grinder to lower in vegetable broth with a spoon of the flour divorced in the cold to water.

In the first

In the first part described the symptoms of the most common childhood for problems, which names for more convenient the first search are given in alphabetical the procedure .In fair vojnike not only provide detailed advice and recommendations on how to act in emergency and lifethreatening situations , but rasskaza is about how dangerous these or other symptoms , which diseases they may lead .It is precisely during the first hours of the disease have to take the necessary measures to stop to leave or to slow its course .

You should

Allergy contribute in the first all errors in the diet.Introduction in a diet of d the child of products with increased allergenicity can to provoke the disease, even in relatively sory good heredity baby.You should not indulge baby, giving him a sweet con Petco or a piece of chocolate.Remember to defined of all ages to do it.Immune system baby's immature.The onset of a potentially dangerous products can it shocking, to shake.Allergy and intolerance.Select the power caution!


For this purpose it is necessary to develop special technology of education.The teacher has to to the utmost to limit the intervention; but, at the same time, should not dopus to kat that the child got tired by excessive efforts of selfeducation.Borders and character interventions of the conductress are defined by its pedagogical step and its individual pedagogical art.Necessary and direct task of the teacher to teach the child to the exact nomenclature.In pain shinstvo of cases it is enough to it to call a noun and an adjective, without adding more anything.

As I already

It happened much earlier, than I counted.As I already spoke, some children wrote out all letters feather, without recognizing still any.At normal children I also noticed that muscular feeling in total works in infancy quicker; that is why it is so easy for small children to write.On the contrary, reading demands much more long studying and higher intellectual unless Tia as here interpretation of signs and modulation of accents of a voice which does is required word the clear.All this purely mental work, meanwhile as in the course of the letter from dictation the child financially turns sounds into signs, and does the movements work always easy and pleasant for the child.

Game develops

The first stop is called Divan.The second Buffet.The Third Is The Piano.And to make it more fun, you can sing a song to verses S.Mikhalkov We're going, going, going In distant lands.Good neighbors.Happy friends.Game develops imagination and lifts mood the interview.From Polgara up to two years Names It's time to help your child to understand that the people and items can be called with different names.Take his pen and touch it any of the subject.Say, Vanya name of child touches the table.

Perhaps, you notice

Perhaps we pomo zhy each other.Of course, it will be similar to how blind conducts blind, but we have no options!As any of you cannot apply for domination, you can think out solutions of common problems together with the child.Perhaps, you notice that any conversation with the thirteenyearold comes to an end with the daughter with scandal.Perhaps it is worth uniting and together to solve how to discuss difficult questions without leaving from itself.

To the child

So, for example, among the devices used in France for measurement intellectual a way nost, or among the devices installed by de Sanctis for the diagnosis of degree of endowments the cubes of various size put at various distances were often used.To the child it was necessary to select the smallest and greatest cubes, and the chronometer measured reaction time interval between a task and its execution; were considered as well mistakes.I repeat that in similar exercises the factor of touch culture is forgotten.Our children, among other didactic materials, have a series from ten cubes.

Russula Malishka! What

Saw in her red top with white polka dots mi and has become stuck.Decided that he is the most Yar cue, the most beautiful mushroom.Became Muhomor on other mushrooms to mock.Russula Malishka!What are you grey Yes mean?And you, Mushrooms fat!You would slimmer become!Hey, Lactarius!You huge mud cargo!Upset mushrooms.Quieted down.Suddenly VI imports, mushroom with a basket approaching.He saw syroezhko, tore.Noticed cargo Dublin core in the basket sent.And the mushrooms tol stakan mushroom pleased.

If all there

We consider that most of brothers and sisters are capable to understand an events essence if detailed to explain everything to them.If all there are problems, you have some options .Create similar system for other children with a sootvetstvo the yushchy purposes each child has that over what costed to work.Conclude the informal agreement, promising from time to time to do that that special and for other children, that they not feeling bring down yourself superfluous.Make so that awards which to a floor the child hopes, were at yatna for all family for example, a campaign in the Chinese restaurant.

In this

As a rule, after the vaccine is formed small local response as redness, induration at the injection.May form seal the vaccine up to cm in diameter.Also frequent malaise, weakness, temperature reaction up to C.Tenderness is often very strong Naya the child begins to save leg the one in which the shot was given.In this case, you can locally attach the child soda poultice for minutes twice a day, to give antipyretics, of course, after consultation with your doctor.Sometimes doctors recommended prophylactic use of feverreducing funds after to hours after vaccination and the next day.

Shirt Daisy

Toad cap gills.Zhora Eugene neck.Giraffe wheel magazine.Jerzy knives roof.Coat acorn bus.Cannon mouse knives.Shirt Daisy each.Midge cold cat.Check stozhok Shoe.Pear walrus knives.Go wear write.Stamp wait storm..DISCERNMENT SOUNDS BY LISTENING AND PRONUNCIATION Sounds W a child not only mixes the hearing, but in pronunciation instead of words clip iron can be heard Sasim, also.However, the distinction derivatives sounds W requires less time and effort than similar on the articulation of the basic sounds W.

But, unfortunately, such

That not only did the parents in order to restore lost hygienic skill and explained, and pleaded, and scolded and punished.Grandmother instead of pot offered crystal vase.But, unfortunately, such measures were not corrected, but only aggravated the situation.I suggested the girl to undergo skazkoterapii, explained mom basic principles of impact tales on the psyche of the child and rules of cooperation with the daughter in the process of psychotherapy.The process of treatment lasted a month and a half, was on written three tales.

They indirectly

Sport, theater, dances and others occupations provide the structured communication.They indirectly develop skills of planning also give the chance of a meeting with friends out of shkoly.Hl and in and Education organization Organization this ability to create and support system planning and performance of important issues.Adult its advantages are obvious.System of tracking of the course of performance of affairs and maintenance about in the house or on a workplace the Torah relieves of need to tit a great lot of time for search of things or cleaning before starting to work.

Hardly I finished

Hardly I finished to write how children were enough tickets and, having sat down on the places, is independently other their tyval with breathless attention, observing the complete silence.I asked them You understood?yes, yes!then make that tells a ticket, I demanded and, to the udovol to stviye, it was convinced that children quickly and in accuracy execute the task set by it.In the room the new kind of activity, the movement of a new order began to boil.

Treat them

At development of anemia in the child who is on natural feeding it is necessary to organize food of mother.In its diet have to be products with the high content of iron are presented.Treat them meat, liver, offal, eggs.They contain iron in a digestible form.In food of mother the sufficient maintenance of vegetables and fruit is also necessary, in which structure iron, copper, cobalt and other elements enter.To such to products belong carrots, cauliflower, beet, tomatoes, apples, fig, dried apricots, persimmon, pears, cherry plum, blackcurrant, bilberry, etc.

Probably, in der a wooden

The pie was very tasty, only sugar seemed a bit much.Probably, in der a wooden bowls on the table was not Sol.TALES FROM PUHOVICHI Together with her mother to take a variety of buttons, thimble, reel multicolored bat kami, buckles and other items from those that usually lie in boxes for sewing.Distribution pouring role in the familiar tale Three little pigs, Fox, Hare and the Rooster, Kolobok, and so on between inhabitants of the box.To explain why it is such a symbolic image you have chosen for each character.

Begin with

Rub in a palm of a little warm oil also warm up the child's tummy the circular movements.Begin with that draw from top to down on the left side of the child the letter I it will advance gases down a thick gut.Then, massing, draw turned Р, as a result gases will pass on a thick gut to an exit.Following stage draw turned U on all length of a thick gut.Massage stomach it is better to do when the child sits at you on a lap, having rested against yours body feet, or when you together in a heat bath.

To weld on couple. At to giving

For children

With intolerance to cow's milk protein children infants give mixtures containing hydrolyzed protein, and throughout the first year exclude of RA Ziona yogurt, cheese and other dairy products.For children with particularly strong sensitivity to protein reko minuuttia mixture with a high degree of protein hydrolysis Pregestimil, Nutramigen, Alimentum, Peptide Tutteli or protein hydrolysates breast serum with a low degree of protein hydrolysis Free with PEP, Human GA, HIPP HA.You can also use mixtures and products on OS Nove soy protein.In baby food is not used the protein, and protein isolate, perfectly adapted for small children.

From this

But in other relation, at everything basic similarity of both systems, Montessori's system appears in practice less Faure molar, than it would be possible to think.From this party it is essentially important to note the consumer the child's nost in public education.In conservative kindergarten such education it is conducted, mainly, by means of group games.These games ordinary carry to a fantasticha skiya, and at times symbolical character; children play farmers, millers, the shoemaker, in the father and mother, in birds, in animals, in knights, in soldiers; they sing songs, arrange some kind of representations are that, for example, games in unlocking of a dovecot, on a haymaking, etc.

Second way. Vegetables

The children

In ours method they are valuable and as manifestations of mental development of this age.Similar works give also to the teacher the precious management for education of children.The children who found the observation during such work, most likely, will become spontaneous observers of the environment, and to this purpose they can be conducted an indirect way of the exercises capable to fix and make more exact feelings and concepts.The same children will come and to the selfprorather to the izvolny letter.

If volume

If volume dokorma it is small, it is more expedient to give it from a spoon, at large volume dokorma from a cup, as easier intake of dairy mix through pacifier promotes refusal of the child of a breast.At very large volume, given to the child, for acceleration of process of feeding and simplification of this works mother after all should use a small bottle, but thus a pacifier has to be rather elastic, with a small opening or openings on the end that mix did not follow itself, and the kid had to put certain efforts mix has to be emitted with drops, as at a sosaniye maternal breast there is a process imitation.

When Mindi

Her fists are clenched, and the person like thunder.Mother always comes a bit earlier.Both of them well feel time.When Mindi is going to school, at it remains at least free minutes to an exit from the house.She precisely knows, what is the time it will be required to her on performance of homework, and it surely finishes it till a dinner every evening.However the father, seemingly, has no time sense.It vseg yes is late, tries to make something else before leaving for work in the morning or to close a door of office in the evening.

To water

On a frying pan to warm oil and to fry fritters from two parties.To put in an oven for minutes.To water with sour cream.Cutlets carrot Carrots pieces, cottage cheese g, egg piece, butter tablespoon, sugar h.spoons, vegetable oil tablespoon, salt to taste.To wash up, clear, grate and to stew carrots to softness.To connect with cottage cheese, egg, sugar and salt and it is good to mix.To make cutlets and to fry from two parties.

Every elf baby

Aya not loved daylight and therefore lived a recluse, away from the elves.But once a year, summer night, the gargoyle in gratitude for the preservation of the secrets of her stay on the island was on the porch of his house to share with the inhabitants of the island its magic.On this day, adults elves led to his castle kids, and just as the last rays of the sun went out in heaven lit stars began magic.Every elf baby Aya was introduced wonderful nectar that is a brilliant bit of was on the tip of its single claw on the wing.She did this is to help kids become adults, to spread her wings and give them strength.

This strong

Many mothers in our country hold the opinion that, giving to the kid natural pair cow more rare goat milk, thereby they provide it with all necessary nutrients in due volume also promote the harmonious to growth and development.This strong delusion, as female and cow's milk strongly differ on qualitative and quantitative structure.Quantitative distinctions of structure of female and cow's milk The total of protein in women's milk is approximately twice less, than in milk of cows, and the amount of carbohydrates is almost twice more.

Broad language

Repeat its to times.The correct exercises check the picture and description.Spatula Broad language to stick, relax, put on the bottom lip.Hold this position for seconds.Follow to language was not trembling.Cup Mouth wide open.Broad language to lift up.Pot return the lateral edges and the tip of the tongue to the top teeth, but not to touch them.Hold this position for seconds.Tasty jam Mouth slightly open.To stick wide tongue, lick them all upper lip and put into the back of the mouth.

If you already

To with to zhaleniye, because of it the child feels even more silly after all to it only Chapter .Tasks of the child and his environment that told that a task with which he cannot cope, actually the simple.If you already so reacted, think, whether those demanded for giving organizational skills which are developed at you and are not developed at re benka.If yes, desire to say such phrase a signal to that in more detail to consider a task and to analyse, why the child cannot cope with it.

Heating pad The effect

ATTENTION!When the cause local irritation of the skin in the form of rash or redness from reapplying com the press must be abandoned.In this situation, then use only dry those PLO sack of heated sterile sand or boiled salt, therapy with blue light.Heating pad The effect of warmer is to extend suck Dov, which reduces inflammation, I PART IV.HOME MEDICAL PROCEDURES decreases pain.But using a heating pad has a number of contraindications.Contraindications for use warmers Bleeding.Acute inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity.

Egg sandwiches

To add butter, salt, pepper.It is good to shake up.Sausage paste g of boiled sausage to process and add g of cheese, boiled egg.To salt, shake up with butter.Nut paste To fry one glass of nuts in an oven, to cool, mix and add g cheese, grated on small grater, and sour cream.Egg sandwiches Welded in abrupt and cut by circles; an omelet with greens and green onions; fried eggs with greens.Sandwiches with meat products Thin slices of boiled meat, ham, sausage with the cut circles cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika, marinated or salty cucumbers, onions, with mayonnaise, greens.

And really, I was convinced

He recommends to show also never one color, but always two infections because contrast promotes storing of flowers.And really, I was convinced that is not present the best way to teach backward children to distinguish colors; backward thanks to this reception learned colors, than normal children at ordinary schools, to feelings much quicker of which do not give special education.But for normal children sushchestuvut the period, Segena preceding three periods the period comprising the real education feelings it is acquisition of the sharpness of distinctive perception reached only in the way selfeducation.


We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER What concrete skills will be received by the child who will train him how?Skill planning of time Who will train in skill?Parents, teacher How?Arrt with parents make the visualwritten plan Arrt places actions in a desirable order In the morning parents start the timer Twice during implementation of the plan parents check how there are affairs After performance of each task G arrt removes the tinka corresponding to carat Arrt chooses a prize from a box if in time finishes all actions If arrt is late in school, he works passed in the of freedoms Nov time What encouragement will be applied as incentive to use skill working off?

They do not perceive

Generally speaking, small children indifferently pass by the good musician as there would pass an animal.They do not perceive a gentle complex of sounds.Street children gather round the organgrinder, as if welcoming noise which they enjoy instead of sounds.For musical education we have to create both tools, and music.Purpose inst rument, except recognition of sounds, has to consist in awakening of feeling of a rhythm, in encouragement to the quiet and coordinate movements of those muscles which already vibrate in silence of an immovability.

He speaks

But here his look falls on the computer standing on a table in other corner of the room.He speaks to itself that will only check who from friends in a network, having remembered at the same time that does not know a task on mathematics.Perhaps it is on the school site or someone from friends knows it?It turns on the computer, and on the screen right there there are chat windows.The friend asks, whether he wants to pass pair of levels of a computer game in team with children, with which it often plays.

These children

These children endure vaccinations, provide normal immune response, and the frequency of postvaccination reactions in no more than children without visible on the xray shadow of the thymus; moderate local reactions to the previous introduction of the vaccine; sepsis, disease of hyaline membranes; unfavorable family history allergies in the family, epilepsy and complications after vaccination with relatives, sudden death in the family.The exception is an indication of the presence in the family of the patient with symptoms of immunodeficiency in this case instead of the live polio vaccine used inactivated and newborn tion additionally examined before putting him BCGProtivopokazaniya to vaccination However, if you personally find that diathesis, dysbacteriosis, thrush, herpes or any other false contraindications your child a reason to delay instill ku, do not rush to write failure in this case all responsibility for failure rests only on you although whom it otherwise?


Ask children, looking at the picture or on memories to correct the mistakes made by you at image of this or that constellation.THE GASTRONOMIC LOTTO AND DOMINOES That children remembered names of a pl better no, their symbols, appearance of constellations, sda bark from a cardboard such traditional games, as lotto and dominoes.If children are sixseven years old or more, they can take active part in production games.Together with children can make samodel ny books or posters about planets and constellations.And gryexperiments, l and l ° z e l and r WE PLAY WITH WATER Water the first and the object loved by all children for research.

Some consult

At teachers, as well as at all others, organizational skills mo gutnut to be both strong, and weak.Some consult better with certain kinds of activity.If at the teacher of your child these skills are not really well developed, it is better to look for the one who will be able to help tutor, school psychologist, director or director of studies etc.Lava .Interaction with school Problems are so serious that, perhaps, it is necessary to a pereva the child's st in the school supporting programs inclusive educations, or correctional educational institution.


With herpes stomatitis using .% oxolinic ointment.Ointments and oil solutions are applied in the mucous membrane of the lips and mouth with a cotton swab wound on a wooden stick or metal , but mild Satellit .If the lips of children covered with dry scaly mi, before you apply the ointment , RASMAG those oil solution or weak races creation of potassium permanganate pale pink , putting the lips soaked in the solution cotton wool.The child should eat times a day for hours Vym breaks without snacking!.


Suk, woman, thou serve, cold, walruses, ladies, hedge kid, run away, rights, Vika.Consolidation pronunciation sound W in words various syllabic structure.Formation skills sound syllabic analysis Display images from Annex and syllabic trailers of Prilozheniya Speak all the words, separating them into syllables.Count the number of syllables in all the words.to do this, put a hand under the lower jaw and consider her movements.Then placed STI every object in a suitable syllabic wagon.Pictures next to the trailers it is better to lay out not piles and vertical rows.

Equal in a way, the populous

Equal in a way, the populous scales trying to make in a certain time so much work that the individual initiative is not able to cope with it, have to train in one subject in the ninth hour, to another in the tenth to conduct training by groups; personality, which life it it is entered into borders, has to receive that can.Each school is faced clear, by a question whether we can, in a type of need, perform the necessary work in the put time, refuse from a certain program and group teaching?Speaking more deeply, whether a question is as follows it is important work in itself so that the child should have been conducted to it by coercion or the interest which is artificially awakened by the teacher?

Ran to IG the toys. The construction

The formation

Zoya's in the closet yellow pajamas.Differentiation of sounds W in the proposals.The formation of grammatical concepts Imagine that all of the objects depicted in the pictures, steel yellow.PE recycle first ones, about which one can say yellow, and then yellow.From PA Rami words yellow rose, yellow truck and so on make proposals.Differentiation of sounds W in rifovich Slowly say every rhythm to times.Then repeat them at a fast pace, keeping the correctness and clarity of pronunciation.

Sha Shi Shu sho Shu Shi sho Shu Shi Sha Chu Sheng

How beautiful soul, above above above above above above.Outside the window the rumble of tires, tyres tyres tyres tyres tyres tyres.Have we dropped the pot, shock shock shock shock shock shock.Consolidation pronunciation sound W in various direct syllables Clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic kipelki.Sha Shi Shu sho Shu Shi sho Shu Shi Sha Chu Sheng Shi Sha sho Sha Shi sho Sheng Shi sho Sheng Shi sho Consolidation pronunciation sound W in the same reverse syllables.The development of a sense of rhyme Carefully listen to the beginning of each rhyming.

In particular, such

And they can sometimes get through intestines into blood and cause the inflammation centers in many bodies the purulent otitis, bloody diarrhea, bubbles on skin.In particular, such defeats are characteristic for a staphylococcal infection.In this case say that the child has a sepsis.Staphylococcus is especially dangerous in the first year of life.The same widespread defeats give fungi.Fungal defeats of bodies are called kandidomikozy.Kandidomikoz arises most often at the weakened children, continuously ill and at any disease receiving the massive antibacterial therapy.

To them

We do not know that will give to England and America bespr measured success of the first popular statements of system of Montessori; but one already approval the tested teachers and experts of scientists recommends system to attention of persons, working in the field of pedagogics which also should resolve eventually an issue about values of system to interpret its technical aspect and to adapt to English and to the American conditions.To them that, and is equal and to all reading public, I address this short critical introduction.We will not exaggerate if we call work of zhi Montessori remarkable, full of novelty and deeply valuable.

If this is something

It can but to play alone or in a large company.All players lined up in a row.Leading with a small Shogo distance throws everyone turns to me chick, calling a piece.If this is something edible, ball need to catch, if not recapture.The one who gave the most correct answers, goes in a circle and is leading.Game develops intelligence and reaction.Two and a half to three years Shishkin holiday Set a short distance from the baby ve Darko that he tried to throw in there cones.You can install on a stump or plastic earth the bottle that you want to knock down cones.


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